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Are You 

Experiencing Numbness Or Tingling? 



Musculoskeletal Pain

If your suffering with joint or muscle pain from an injury give me a call 

Chronic Pain 

If you are suffering with a chronic painful condition give me a call 


Holistic Physiotherapist Specialising in Chronic pain.

My journey into physiotherapy started when a mini bus came into the side of my car on the motorway, leaving me with whiplash injuries and a torn muscle in my shoulder.

With determination and the guidance of the physiotherapists, I got back to swimming competitively. I asked many questions of my Physiotherapist & organised work experience. From there I didn't look back! I was inspired by the changes patients were experiencing from the involvement of the physiotherapists.

Whilst completing my degree at St George's Hospital in London, I secured a job as a physiotherapy assistant. After spending 5 years in the NHS, I moved into private practice.

The past decade has been spent exploring how to help patients with chronic conditions get better, to have no fear in movements, connecting their bodies and minds.

Claire Reid BSc MCSP

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How do we become our own observer?

How do you navigate your internal world?


We are not our feelings and thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, we are not the mental chatter that goes on in our heads. We are the total of these which is far greater.


How do you become aware of the restrictions you put upon yourself, so that in a space of appreciation, you move through 


How would it feel not to deceive yourself? To unmask everything that is possible and available to you. The shields we put up hide the true rememberance  of who you are and what you offer.  


If you are interested in attending a course with Alison Lingwood and myself, please contact us by calling or emailing:


PM Hythe

I have no recommendations for improvement. Claire is excellent. I would not have believed that I would feel so much better in such a short time. Thank you

SM, Folkestone

I never thought I would lose the tightness in my lower leg. My understanding of pain has changed greatly and significantly. Claire has been brilliant and we totally understand each other. Thank you Claire.


I am on much less pain medication and now find it much easier to judge the signs of when I will have a good or a bad day.  Also, I've gained a much better understanding of how some pain can be mentally inflicted through expecting the worst. I am leaving my last appointment feeling lighter all round which is much more than I could've hoped for. :)


Contact Claire

Address: 6-8 Bank Street, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5AN  |  Tel: 07720602646

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